About Us

It is important to prepare for the future, regardless of your age or financial status. A comprehensive estate plan does not only address what will happen after your death, but it can also ensure that you will have the means to provide for yourself and your loved ones throughout the rest of your life. It can also help you make sure your final wishes will be followed correctly.

The Willing Company was established in 2017 by Nyasha Pamella Timba, a legal practitioner of ten years’ experience together with technical experts, who teamed together to automate the creation of estate plans. Nyasha Pamella Timba is the founding and managing partner of Devittie Rudolph & Timba Legal Practitioners www.drtlaw.co.zw, who together with her partners have in excess of fifty combined years in the practice of law.

The Willing Company was born out of the realization that planning for financial security for oneself and their family can be overwhelming without the assistance of an experienced estate planning expert. You may wonder how to divide your assets or what trust will best suit your needs. Our simple to use automated platform, together with the legal and technical experts behind it, are highly experienced in estate planning and administration and can assist you in making these important decisions.