Top 5 Consequences Of Not Having A Will

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  1. You forego the right to determine how your estate is distributed with the laws of Zimbabwe assuming the role of dissolving your estate. This may lead to a situation where individuals you did not intend to inherit inheriting, and people you may have wanted to inherit not benefiting in any way.


  1. In the event that you are not married to your partner or you have an outdated will which no longer reflects your intentions, your partner will be exposed to a serious risk of not inheriting anything from your estate.


  1. Your minor children will be at risk of having their inheritance being administered by the governments’ guardian fund or an appointed guardian if you fail to create trust, whether testamentary or while you are still alive, a trust to deal your estate in a manner you intend.


  1. Family in-fighting is a common occurrence in situations where an individual’s life comes to an end without him clearly indicating, through a will, how he desires his estate to be dissolved.


  1. The dissolution of your estate can take a very long time if you do not appoint a professional Executor to administer your estate. This will be to the disadvantage of your heirs as the government will be in control of the process.